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Golden Emu Oil 55ml

Emu oil is a 100% natural remedy that has been used in Aboriginal medicine for centuries. The oil has now become famous around the Globe for its powerful soothing properties and its popularity as one of the most effective natural remedies available is growing quickly.

There have now been several studies published in leading journals that have looked at emu oil's ability to reduce inflammation and swelling (1-4). The results have been very positive with all the studies showing an overall significant reduction in inflammation with the application of emu oil and in some cases the reduction in swelling was seen to be more effective than that seen with commonly prescribed drugs.

Because emu oil has a similar fatty acid composition to that of human skin it is quickly absorbed and thus can reach its target area more effectively when rubbed into the skin. Emu oil is suitable for use as a muscle and joint rub by those of all ages and skin types.

1.What is Golden Emu Oil?
Golden Emu Oil is an entirely natural golden coloured oil, which has a deeply soothing action on muscles, joints and skin.


2.Where does your Emu Oil come from?
It is 100% Australian. The natural environment of the emu enhances the quality of the oil. Golden Emu Oil is registered in Australia for its use as an effective anti-inflammatory. It is also in capsules and liquid to take orally


3.What can it be used for?
To soothe aches, pains, muscle and joint problems, burns, skin problems – in fact anything that causes discomfort.


4.How long before I feel relief?
Almost immediately in many cases. Although for an on going problem you may find it will take a few days.


5.How often should I apply Golden Emu Oil?
Apply at least three times daily to start with. Pre-warm in cold weather and use sparingly. You will be amazed how long it will last.


6.Can I use it on my face?
Golden Emu Oil is non-irritating, so you can use it on your face. It also makes a wonderful base on which to apply make up. Use sparingly. It is great for eyelashes too.


7.Can anyone use Golden Emu Oil?
Golden Emu Oil is safe for even those with sensitive skin; however if in doubt try a small patch test (use pure golden emu oil without any fragrance for extra sensitivity).

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