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NitNOT Headlice Comb

NitNOT Head Lice Nit Comb has been specially designed to create the ultimate precision comb for maximum removal of nits from all types of hair, whether it’s fine or thick, curly or straight, short or long. The NitNOT comb is the best comb to use for performing regular weekly checks for head lice, nits and eggs and for treating an infestation.

Our Nit Treatment Comb teeth are closer together than on any other comb on the market to enable the effective extraction of even the smallest lice or eggs. The fine tooth comb allows a gentle and snag-free combing experience leaving the hair in good condition without damage. The nit combs can be easily detached from the main handle and cleaned at high temperatures.

The NitNOT Nit Comb is unique in that it has 2 interchangeable professionally designed combs, meaning you can choose which comb you need for your own specific needs: LARGE SEARCH & REMOVE COMB for weekly checks, removes head lice, nits and eggs from thick, curly and Afro hair with ease. SMALL PRECISION COMB to remove stubborn white nits that other combs miss. Perfectly comfortable nit treatments for young children, babies and those with fine hair.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you use the NitNOT comb alongside our NitNOT ECO Head Lice, Egg & Nit Serum. This hypoallergenic, pesticide and chemical-free treatment kills all lice and eggs without harming sensitive scalps, meaning you only need to concentrate on removing dead lice and eggs with the comb.

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