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Sara's Choice Organic Maca Powder 100g

Uniquely Pre - Cooked at less than 45 degrees. We use 80% black, 15% purple and just 5% of the cream roots as the black and purple maca have higher nutrient levels so you get a better product with quicker results. A root vegetable Maca belongs to the Brassicaceae family of vegetables.

An Adaptogen: Which means it assists and supports the human body to process chemical and biological stresses. In doing this it assists the body in regaining balance and maintaining optimum hormonal balance which leads to a sense of mental clarity and physical wellbeing.

A Superfood: This is partly due to its high protein content. Sara’s Choice Maca contains more than 17% vegetable protein derived mostly from important amino acids such as arginine, phenylalanine, tyrosine and histidine. It also contains the essential minerals: selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron and fatty acids including linolenic, palmitic and oleic acids, polysaccharides and sterols.

A high source of iron: A good iron status is generally accepted as promoting energy and endurance and provides support for women during menstruation. 

Good nutritional support for women: Through the various normal life stages of menstruation, childbearing and finally the “change of life” discomforts that some women experience during the menopause.

A high source of easily absorbable Calcium: Calcium makes up 10% of Sara’s Choice maca’s mineral count. It makes sense that a daily intake of maca in tandem with good health practices will contribute to better bone health in later life.

Good for men too:  Studies on men aged between 21 and 56 in Lima Peru in 2001/2002 showed that maca contributed positively to sexual function, increasing sexual desire, sperm production and motility.

The cooking process breaks down the bonds that bind its starch molecules to the amino acids and other compounds locked within. It maintains all its wonderful properties and renders it a minimum of 30% more bioavailable than regular raw maca. Our new unique process leaves behind all of the phytochemicals and nutrients.

Add to smoothies, juices, coffee, or water

100% Maca

The nutritional profile of Sara’s Choice pre-cooked 3Root maca

Per 100 grams For each 3 grams
Protein 17.53 g 0.52 g
Fibre 5.50 g 0.16 g
Selenium 4.40 mg 0.132 mcg
Magnesium 110.00 mg 3.30 mg
Manganese 0.80 mg 0.02 mg
Calcium 450.00 mg 13.50 mg
Potassium 1700.00 mg 51.00 mg
Zinc 3.80 mg 0.12 mg
Iron 16.60 mg 0.50 mg
Copper 5.90 mg 0.18 mg
A Carotene 0.07 mg 0.002 mg
B1 Thiamine 0.20 mg 0.006 mg
B2 Riboflavin 0.35 mg 0.010 mg
B3 Niacin 43.00 mg 1.290 mg
B6 Pyridoxine 0.31mg 0.010 mg
C Ascorbic acid 10.00 mg 0.300 mg
E Tocopherol 87.00 mg 2.610 mg


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