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Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex 90 Tabs

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This unique combination of plant sterols and red yeast rice, a traditional Chinese extract from rice fermented with monascus purpureus, is just the ticket. Plant sterols block the absorption of cholesterol from your diet to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, whilst red yeast rice has been used for centuries for its potent health-giving properties.

The formula also includes cinnamon bark extract and vitamin E for complete support. Vitamin E helps protect against the oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidation is a chemical process in the body where molecules in our cells, or in this case, fats such as cholesterol become damaged by unstable molecules called free radicals. It is believed that the oxidised cholesterol, in particular, is harmful to the health of the arteries, causing inflammation and hardening. Excessive oxidation may be caused by factors such as stress, smoking and alcohol. Antioxidants such as vitamin E are thought to help combat oxidation in the body.

  • Targeted support for cholesterol
  • With red yeast rice - natural fermented extract
  • Contains 1000mg of plant sterols per daily dose including beta-sitosterol which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
  • Cinnamon bark extract - rich in antioxidant polyphenols
  • Added vitamin E for complete support
  • May cause temporary and harmless red colouring of the stool.
  • Not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding, nor to be taken by children.

4 tablets typically contain
200mg Red Yeast Rice, 1000mg Plant sterols, 34mg Cinnamon bark extract 30:1 (equivalent to 1000mg Cinnamon bark), 100mg Vitamin E.

Take 2 tablets twice a day after meals for 12 weeks, thereafter one tablet twice a day.

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