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GHT ThreeLac Candida Treatment 60 Sachets

Candida is something that occurs soon after birth in the intestinal tract of humans. This yeast formation is part of the human live-in bacteria family that supports the body in a beneficial way.
However - with the body subjected to poor diet, stress, and environmental factors, it often runs riot and grows everywhere.

Typical Candida symptoms are:

1.Constant and intense itching especially the scalp, rectum, vaginal and testicular area
2.Sore joints stiffness or muscle aches
3.Constant fatigue
4.Intense sugar cravings
5. Bloating or heartburn and poor digestion
6.Unexplained allergies
7.Puzzling chronic conditions
8.Persistent cystitis
9.Unexplained irritability, depression or anxiety, mood and memory problems
10.Dry flaky and itchy skin and skin rashes and acne and skin yeast infections such as thrush and athletes foot
11.Migraines and chronic headaches
12.Menstrual problems
13.White coating on the tongue and bad breath
14.Increased tendency to catch colds and flu  

THREELAC originates from Japan where it has been amazingly successful. Described by the manufacturers as "The most effective candida defence product in the marketplace". It provides the body with an all-natural state of the art candida defence. With this proprietary formula, the live organisms clinically proven to reduce candidiasis is teeming with live friendly bacteria that start to work immediately gently helping to rid the body of resilient candida organisms.

THREELAC contains three forms of spore-forming lactic acid bacteria. These live lactic acid producing bacteria purge the intestinal tract of the parasitic fungal form of Candida.

At the same time, THREELAC helps to balance and harmonise the pH levels in our bodies. As well as restoring the natural balance of the gut, THREELAC repopulates your bowel with friendly microflora and bacteria and also oxygenates the intestinal tract neutralising anaerobic problem organisms and restores energy levels, overall vitality and optimum bowel function.

Take THREELAC before a meal. Let each packet dissolve in your mouth and follow immediately with 4-6 ozs of water. Then eat. Food acts as a buffer to assist THREELAC in reaching the small intestine where it helps the body to manage Candida. For more severe and uncomfortable Candida indications, you may want to take up to 4 packets to start for the first 30 days. May be taken all at once prior to a meal or spread out among two to three meals. You may then reduce to a maintenance amount of one to two packets per day to maintain body pH.

ThreeLac Supplement Facts

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