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Indigo Essences Sleep Easy 15ml

 For children who are:

• very sensitive to noise and spooky things
• psychically very sensitive
• reluctant to go to sleep because they're scared of what they might see

This essence was made particularly for children who are sensitive to energies at night time. A lot of children, although they might go to sleep, keep waking up again. This essence is particularly for this kind of sleep predicament, for somebody who is afraid to go into a deep sleep.

The following Combination essences may also help with sleep :

No Fear: is generally scared

Invisible Friend: scared to go to sleep on their own, wants someone with them all the time

Settle: can’t settle down, energy still high, very uncomfortable in their physical body

Essences are usually sold in a concentrated form which is a mixture of water and vodka. If you, or anyone who is going to take the essences, have a problem with alcohol you can either use the essences in a spray form, apply them topically mixed in a cream or contact us to ask for an essence without preservative.  If you order a combination essence you will have the option of ordering with or without preservative.

Here are some examples of what you can do with them:

You can either:

put one or more drops of each essence in a glass of water or a drink and sip as often as you feel like it.

put a few drops of your chosen essence(s) in a plain cream and rub on your body

put a few drops in a plant mister or atomiser and spray around you and your room.

or just hold the bottle for a while until you feel better or sleep with the bottle under your pillow.

Distilled water, vodka (Abv.20%) and the following essences in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.

Azurite - to help the child let go of fear
Chrysocolla-gem-silica - to help the child express themselves
Fluorite - to help the child change patterns of behavior
Hematite - to help the child ground and feel protected
Isis - to help the child balance
Kyanite - to help the child focus
Sugilite - to help the child feel safe
Love - to help the child feel loved
No 1 - to help the child stay balanced while they let go of old patterns
No 2 - to help the child let go of old mindsets
No 4 - to help the child express themselves
No 6 - to help the child connect to their feelings rather than their mental body
No 8 - to help the child stay present
In the Lift - to help the child go off to sleep

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