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Iswari Organic Coconut Sugar


Coconut Sugar is a healthy, low glycemic (GI 35) alternative to sugar, produced from the very blossoms of Indonesian coconut flowers. The nectar is hand-harvested by native farmers who climb the tall trees to collect the rich sap, and then return to the villages where local women evaporate it to produce sugar crystals. Considered to contain minerals and vitamins, including B Vitamins, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, Coconut Sugar is a truly guilt-free, healthy way to keep your treats sweet. 

Recently recognised by the Food & Agriculture Association as being the “World’s Most Sustainable Sweetener!”

Coconut sugar can only be manufactured in small batches by hand. This ensures a sustainable livelihood for local farmers and their families. It produces a yield of around double that of cane sugar from the same area of land and requires poorer soil than its less nutritional sister sugar, and less water. Even so, it's nutritional properties exceed that of the sugar cane, making it a truly sweet solution!

100 % Organic Coconut Sugar

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