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Iswari Raw Cacao Nibs 125g

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Cacao nibs, are simply Cacao beans that have been lightly crushed, and nothing more! They have a bitter taste, and so are better eaten with something sweet, in raw chocolates, deserts, cakes, breakfast cereal, salads etc. They are wonderful alongside Goji Berries. Try our "Seeds of Wisdom" and see for yourself! 

Raw Cacao is rich in :

• Magnesium
• Iron 
• Endorphin promoting nutrients such as anandamide and tryptophan which help us to feel good and stay connected.
• Sulfur ("the beauty mineral") 
• Antioxidants (On ORAC the scale of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, raw cocoa has the highest concentration of antioxidants on the planet!) 
• Chromium, which helps to regulate blood sugar, and keeps hunger under control.

Our cacao is raw, never reaching temperatures above 40 º C, its dark color and astringent, rich taste is a sign of its purity and quality.
Cacao nibs can be used alongside Iswari Cacao powder or mixed with seeds and nuts

Containing more than 300 identified phyto-chemicals (and some still unidentified) it is the most complex food substance on earth, why the Maya called it the "food of the gods"! We prefer to call it the Food Goddess, because it is a true gift from Mother Nature.

Cacao seems to contain more magnesium than any other food. Magnesium is a hugely important mineral with many bodily functions including;
• Increasing the general vigor of the heart muscle and reducing blood clotting, which reduces blood pressure and helps the heart pump blood more efficiently; 
• Managing the chemistry of the brain and improving neurological efficiency; 
• Helping create stronger bowel movements; 
• Reducing menstrual cramps; 
• Relaxing muscles, increasing flexibility; 
• Helping the absorption of calcium to build strong bones !

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