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Koyu Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea 30g

This grade of matcha green tea has all the previously mentioned benefits of Japanese matcha. This matcha also has 50% more theanine than our Japanese matcha grade so it is excellent for calm, focus and mood uplift. Also smoother tasting. We recommend this grade of Koyu matcha tea to those with a good diet and lifestyle. Such people find this much more boosting than our Japanese matcha tea grade.

Top class matcha green tea for use in iced beverages and ceremonial teas. Smoother in flavour and mellower than Japanese matcha due to a higher content of L-theanine found in the youngest sweetest leaves. This leads to a mellower, more calming boost and is good for concentration and focus. A perfect balance for those wanting the best at a great price. This matcha gives all the benefits of Japanese matcha - but the higher theanine content means its more calming and focussing as well as being better for psychological cravings. Too mild for use in cooking.
100% Organic matcha green tea
  1. Boil soft water to a temperature of maximum 80°C (just starting to steam), though it may be cooler
  2. Warm and dry the bowl and soften the bristles of the chasen (whisk) with hot water
  3. Sift or scoop ½ teaspoon of matcha into the bowl
  4. Add around 1.5 oz or 45ml of hot water
  5. Describe a slow M or figure of 8 to break up any lumps at the bottom of the bowl
  6. Whisk briskly back and forth to create a foamy cup of delicious matcha. Dilute according to taste, adding more water as necessary.


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