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Neti Pot (Plastic)

A neti pot is a device used to clear out the nasal passages with a saline solution. They are traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of allergies, nasal congestion and colds.

Make up a saline solution using sterilised water either boiled water, distilled water or bottled water. Add approximately 1 teaspoon to a pint of water and make sure the salt is dissolved.

Lean over the sink so you are looking directly into the basin and then rotate your head to the side so that one nostril is directly above the other.

Gently insert the spout into the upper nostril to create a comfortable seal. Keep your mouth open and raise the handle of the Neti Pot gradually so that the saline solution flows in through the upper nostril and out through the lower nostril.

  • If the water doesn’t flow, lift the pot a bit higher, but avoid turning the head over the shoulder. This can cause water to flow into the Eustachian tube and make the lower ear feel clogged. This is uncomfortable, but not dangerous, as the water will drain over the next few hours.
  • If the water drains out through the mouth, lower the forehead in relation to the chin.
  • If you get a headache after using the Neti Pot, you probably had your forehead lower than your chin, and some water drained into the frontal sinus. This will drain out, but is uncomfortable and best avoided by keeping the forehead higher than the chin.
  • Sometimes the nose is too clogged to allow water to flow well. If this is the case, stop and try later.

Be sure to clean your Neti Pot well after each use. 

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