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Oriel MenoSea Ionic Magnesium Drops 30ml

The impacts of Menopause on our lives from Pre to Post Menopause can last 8 – 10 years!! This is one of the most important events from a physical and mental health perspective in our lives as it impacts on everything from fatigue to weight, diet, anxiety, stress, mental agility, immune function, performance, endurance and relationships. Magnesium and many of the trace elements in MenoSea play an important role in many of these areas. 

MOST BIOAVAILABLE – Fastest absorption liquid Magnesium, minerals and Trace elements – Science Proven. Only Magnesium minerals and Trace elements supplement from protected deep sea source. 100% Natural & Pure. Magnesium not attached (to oxide, citrate, sulphate etc) so is in Free Ion form for rapid Absorption of up to 100%. 

  • Women need Magnesium more than Men – FACT.
  • Supports Hormonal Imbalance
  • Fast Acting– Feel the Benefits in Days not weeks.
  • Absorption to blood cells in less than 30 mins.
  • Supports Agitated Legs and Cramps
  • Improved Sleep cycles and circadian rhythms
  • 100% Bioavailable– Gets to where you need it – Fast.
  • Liquid Drops for rapid absorption –
  • Rapid absorption without passing through digestive system.
  • No After Taste – makes water softer
  • 5 yrs of Published Research in Irish & EU Universities.
  • Global Patents– Irish Technology & Harvesting process.
  • Organic, Sustainable & EU Protected Resource PDO – Certified.
  • Tested by Informed Sport – Freeof All WADA substances
  • 100% Irish –100% Natural – 100% Pure
  • More than just Magnesium! It’s got Minerals & +78 Trace Elements

Oriel Sea Mineral Extract, Magnesium -Bioavailable from.

30 Day supply (30 x 1ml) 10 drops in water twice daily

Take 10 drops twice a day.

Tip: One full Pipette is equal to 20 drops. So take a half pipette twice a day.

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