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Sonett Laundry Detergent Powder 1.2kg

Suitable for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. The main active ingredient of the Sonett Laundry Powder is pure vegetable soap. Soap is the cleansing substance most proximate for man and nature alike. Unlike all other surfactants, soap is disposed of right after its use as it loses its surface-active properties immediately on reacting with the calcium that is always present in wastewater, and then degrades completely and with ease. 

Sodium soap*, sodium carbonate, bentonite, zeolite, sodium C12–14, fatty alcohol sulphate, sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate, sodium disilicate

*certified organically grown


Origin and properties of the ingredients:
The main active ingredient of the Sonett Laundry Powder is soap, manufactured from various plant-based oils – such as palm oil, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut oil – by simmering them with an alkaline solution. The oils originate 100% from organic or biodynamic cultivation. Soap as an active washing substance uniquely amalgamates all of the properties required for the washing process – the moistening, dissolving, and absorbing of dirt. Sodium carbonate is a result of calcium reacting chemically with common salt. Metasilicate is obtained by melting quartz sand and sodium carbonate to form a compound. Sodium carbonate and metasilicate both intensify the washing lye, thanks to their alkalinity and promote the removal of fatty substances in particular. Both zeolite A and phyllosilicate have silicate rock as their basic raw material. In addition to their property of binding lime in water, these substances also simultaneously bind the organic substances and colour pigments dissolved in the suds and prevent them from being deposited on the laundry. Fatty alcohol sulphate, derived from coconut oil, intensifies the soap’s fat-dissolving property. 


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