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Sonnentor Organic Tea Advent Calendar 24 Bags

Infuse Christmas with fragrances of herbs and spices - the new Advent Calendar Tea accompanies you through the Christmas season. 24 fragrant varieties - from popular classics to aromatic novelties - bring you a little closer to Christmas every day. The Advent Calendar Tea box unfolds and makes a festive eye-catching decoration. Christmas motives and contemplative sayings on every tea bag warm heart and soul. A great gift for your loved ones!

1. CHERRY HERBAL TEA: blackberry leaves org., apple mint org.,  strawberry leaves org., calendula org., cornflowers org., sunflower petals org.. 2. SANTA'S SECRET TEA: apple pieces org., hibiscus org., rose hip org., cinnamon Ceylon org., pears org., quince org., orange peels org., cloves org., vanilla extract org.. 3. GINGER LEMON TEA: ginger org. 25 %, liquorice org., lemongrass org., lemon peels org. 15 %, peppermint org., black pepper org.,  hibiscus org.. 4. FORTUNE TEA: apple mint org., lemon balm org., peppermint org., common mallow org., cornflowers org., calendula org.. 5. ASSAM ENGLISH TEA: black tea Assam org.. 6. BAKED APPLES TEA: apple pieces org. 30%, rose hip org., lemon peels org., lemon granules org., orange granules org., cinnamon Cassia org., orange peels org., allspice org., cloves org., liquorice org., star anise org., vanilla pod org., tonka beans org.. 7. PEPPERMINT: peppermint org..
8. GINGERBREAD TIME: buckwheat roasted org., sweet blackberry leaves org., cinnamon Cassia org.,  blood oranges org., allspice org., buckwheat herb org., tulsi basil org., ginger org., cloves org., star anise org., anise org., cardamom org., black pepper org..

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