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Sweet Cures UTI Test Strips

Urine Test Strips with 5 Key UTI Indicators. Fast and straightforward to use, Quickly Test Urine Test Strips provide accurate results within 2 minutes. Results from the main parameters/reagents (Leukocytes, Nitrites, Protein, pH, Blood) can help you access if an infection is present, monitor progress and offer an early warning if testing frequently.

Sweet Cures Urine Test Strips can be used to monitor progress when using Waterfall D-Mannose and indicate when to increase or decrease the dosage.

  • Simple home use test suitable for testing for UTI or Cystitis.
  • Can be used for general health tracking, such as monitoring urine pH.
  • Use alongside Waterfall D-Mannose to monitor progress.
  • 5 dedicated indicators for clear and quick results.
  • Suitable for home and laboratory testing.

Urinate into a clean container. Dip the urine test strip into the urine for 2 seconds. Tap on the side of the container to remove excess. Wait for results to appear. 

Testing Parameters

  • pH
  • Nitrites
  • Protein
  • Leukocytes
  • Blood

Full instructions are inside the box.

The urine test Strips are a fast and easy-to-use indicator of the infection condition of your urine. See your doctor or urologist for more detailed advice about interpreting the results.

  • Urinate into a clean container.
  • Remove one urine test strip and close the tub tightly immediately. Dip it into the urine for 2 seconds. Tap on the side of the container to remove excess. Any excess that passes between the urine reagents can invalidate the results.
  • Observe the reagent patches. The first item to check (after 20 - 30 seconds) is the pH 2nd from bottom.
  • If the reagent has gone Orange, that is too acidic.
  • If it has gone deep green that is too alkaline.
  • Check the Protein (middle one). Any greenish/ turquoise indication is a sign of the presence of protein. The darker it is, the more is present. Usually, this means your kidneys are involved in an infection. See your doctor for advice.
  • Check for Blood (bottom indicator). Any green colouration means blood presence (red blood cells). If the reagent goes deep green within 60 seconds of dipping the urine test strip, it shows blood may be present in your urine. The deep green colourisation maybe caused by many different things, so try not to worry and consult your doctor for advice.
  • Check for Nitrites next (2nd top indicator). Nitrites are cracked from Nitrates by bacteria, so any pink colouration indicates bacterial presence. Check the final reagent (the top one) for Leukocytes (white blood cells). Any pink colouration within 2 minutes of dipping means inflammation is present and perhaps bacteria.

You can adjust your urine pH by making changes to your diet. 

The more colouration within the time frames indicated, the higher the possibility of bacteria being present, and at higher concentrations. To have your urine checked to find out detailed information about bacterial strains and kidney involvement, or for further interpretation of the results, see your doctor / medical expert.

Other things to consider

While monitoring the health of your urine can help in understanding your progress, it may not represent the whole picture. UTI Test 5V® can tell you with a high degree of reliability if there is still infection present in your urine, but cannot tell you what species of bacteria are causing the symptoms. If natural remedies are unable to clear the infection, consider having your urine cultured by a competent clinic to identify the agents of infection.

Urine Test Benefits

  • Simple home test, with 50 urine test strips per pack, allowing repeat testing over an extended period.
  • Quickly check the pH of your urine. A pH of 7.5 to 8 (alkaline) helps slow bacterial growth in most cases and helps prevent future infections. Our grandmothers knew this and used to drink lemon barley water to create an alkaline environment, inhospitable to most bacteria that cause UTIs.
  • Checks for Blood, Leukocytes, Protein and Nitrites. Blood and Leukocytes indicate inflammation and or infection. Protein means possible kidney involvement in the infection. Nitrites are typically only in the urine if bacteria are present.
  • Gives medical-level reliability.
  • Provides simple instructions for home use.
  • A diagnostic aid trusted by Sweet Cures' customers for many years. We have sold thousands of test kits, and have always received excellent feedback on their effectiveness and how easy they are to use in comparison to other brands. Normally received the next day.


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